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The End | නිමාව

Eleven years back, I started blogging at as a hobby, using our slow dial-up Internet connection. Facebook was so young at that time, and the latest emerging trend was called "Blogging". The new unfamiliar English word 'blogging' created so much desire to experiment with the new thing. My little write-ups didn't attract much, so I closed the blog in a couple of months. In 2008, I started over, but in my native language, Sinhalese. And in both cases, it wasn't THIS blog. :)

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At that time, there was a significant lack of proper representation of Sinhalese language in the Internet. Unicode text standards had just emerged and there was a need of more and more content to signify the presence of our language. Sinhala Bloggers' Union, an alliance of enthusiast bloggers undertook part of promoting Sinhalese content with the fun and excitement of blogging, and soon became a top Internet trend in Sri Lanka. I restarted blogging with the support of SBU members in 2008, to keep up with this trend, share my self-learning experience and contribute to the good cause.

Today, if I look back, Sinhala Bloggers' mission is well accomplished. Our language is everywhere on the Internet, including many social media sites, instant messaging platforms, etc. At that time I dedicated my blog 100% to Sinhalese content because the trend and cause felt important. Soon I started this blog to write in English. And another to try out the concept of 'blog marathons' and microblogging (now taken over by Twitter). It was all experiment.

However, now, it has come to the point that I find no use of maintaining multiple websites. Keeping one site for 100% Sinhalese content is no longer needed because it's not the same today. So, I'm closing this blog today.

My writeups will continue in my Sinhala blog, which will become a bilingual blog thereafter. It was all fun and exciting experiment. Even closing a website and taking visitors to the new home gradually could also be an experiment. Occasionally, some of the old posts in this blog will be re-posted in the new location.

So, here's the home of all future write ups:

I'm still just a hobbyist blogger with not that much time for blogging.

Adios! :)


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