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In Love with PHP

Although I have decided to keep my hands away from the Blogger Dashboard, I thought of writing a little bit of the ongoing exam. Yesterday we had the Software Engineering paper. It was nice, properly printed.. hehe.. There was a one question which carried 20% of marks. The expected answer was a block of C++ source code and yeah, it was a pretty easy and interesting question for me. Piece of cake ;) . But sadly, I have missed two code lines. :( Anyway, the paper was pretty easy, and my big big thanks for people who helped me.

Tomorrow we're gonna have the Internet Application Development paper, I hope it's also gonna be a nice time. HTML, XML, DTD, XSD, javascript, PHP, CSS, XMLNS and all of those web development stuff. Well, I've already completed some of those stuff, and now it's the time for PHP and javascript. Within all of these web development stuff, I love PHP very much. It's easy to learn, well defined documentation, open source, copatible with object oriented development and ohh I don't know why I'm so interested in. We don't have to cram big big code blocks, the important things are basic functions, some of the default variables, basic structure and syntax. Otherwise if we had to cram all of code examples given in examples during our lectures, it could be a nightmare. (I hate cramming like parrots)

I'm still wandering what would appear on tomorrow's paper.. Hope it would be an easy paper.. Okey dokey... back to work...!

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Leo Sadeepa

January 22, 2009 at 10:47 AM

Glad to know that you are a php fan. Have you tried PHP frameworks like CakePHP or Symfony ? They are really cool. There days i am researching on PHP ORM. There is a sri lankan PHP forum. Are you there also !

ශාකුන්තල | Shaakunthala

January 22, 2009 at 2:05 PM

Yeah, I'm a php fan, but still a php n00b. So I still haven't gone through those frameworks. Thanks for the information dude.

One more thing,.. what's the Sri Lankan PHP forum you are in? I'm not yet a member of any PHP forum.


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