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I need a website

Yeah, the exam is over... Big thanks to ppl who facilitated and helped.... Now it's gonna be vaccation... up to Adam's Peak...

Few more words about the exam... I dropped sociology for this time.. don't ask why -- parroting sucks! gonna do it next exam season... Today I did the marketing paper somewhat well... hope the entire exam is OK :-S (Exam rocks when it's Software Engineering/ Development paper -- a different story)

Anyway... during this vaccation... I'm planning to build my personal web site... which I think may support my professional carrier...

First thing is the design (not appearance) stuff... team leader is me, team members are me, client is me, and also the supervisor is gonna be myself. I like to begin all from begining, coz I learn and experience.. but.. since it's a timewasting task to 're-invent the wheel', I decided to use an existing template. Anyway... currently I'm planning it's skeliton... software design stuff.

Then.. the next problem -- where do I host it? I'm still in the bigining.. so there's no need to spend money a second level domain name... I'm looking for a lower level doamin name at no cost. Currently I have chosen one at But it may subject to change according to my requirements. Currently, there I have put my tech blog inside a HTML frame. Take a look if you are interested in. If you have a better recommendation (such as one offering more than 250 MB) please leave a comment. (I know that 250 is enough for a beginner :D )

So, what's gonna be the content? It's all gonna be tech tech tech! I have enough contributed to spread junk (like this blog) to the rest of the World.. so.. my site -- gonna be no junk. :)

OK,... that's it.. now back to work :-|

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Try Profusehost :)


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