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Tangalle, Sri Lanka – 16/Feb/2010

Hi folks, since I wrote my last post on a malware attack that I had to defend, still didn't find any interesting technological stuff to work on. So no blogging. :( Also, I was so busy with examination at UCSC,... ohh I hate cramming and re-writing stuff! :-S

Anyway, there's a good news too. Our internships begin this semester. I have been able to pass my very first job interview and now I'm about to go for my very first job! :) It's gonna start on 2nd of March and I wonder whether time would permit me for more blogging since the start. :|

By the time, on 16th, I had a visit to a one of my relatives living in Tangalle. We spent most of that day at beach, and I have been able to take some remarkable captures with my K770i. Photography has become one of my hobbies since the day I bought my phone. ;) Hell yeah, it's an amazing beach in Sri Lanka.

So I thought of sharing my captres with the World. All photos are available under the Creative Commons Attribute-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. Some will appear in this post, and everything is available for download.

Please click on the images to see full resolution.

sea shells

clear seawater

an urchin - not so away from the shore

sunlight, urchin, and the rock - i put one on the rock and took this..

a common bivalve mollusc often served as food in sri lanka
however i don't know a proper name, just know the taste :P may be it's blue mussels?

coast - you can see fishermen's boats

fishermen launching the boat that carries large seine for fishing


Had a nice and remarkable day,... and here's the download link for the entire collection (63 photos). And... one more thing to promote my beloved open source software... photo editing was done using GIMP on Ubuntu. :)

Thanks for reading!


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