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Windows 7 on Jaunty

I'm just about to install Windows 7 inside a virtual machine on Jaunty (Ubuntu 9.04). I allocated 512 MB of RAM for the virtual machine. I don't know whether it would be enough. I'm not sure whether I would be able to do it.

Recently I switched to Ubuntu, but because of in some cases I would still need Windows, I decided to install Windows XP inside a virtual machine managed by VirtualBox. The VM in following screenshots is made for Windows XP, but I'm tring out Windows 7.

However, here are the screenshots...

Windows 7 on Ubuntu 9.04

VM named Windows XP, but actually runs Windows 7

Rip GTA Vice City Radio Stations

First of all, let me tell you why I'm afrer Vice City this much. I like the story, I' enthusiastic about the 80's style, I like the music, and many more reasons. I have played many other games, and I have played other releases of GTA as well but none of them were able to keep me addicted.

Are you a fan of GTA Vice City radio stations? I am. My favourite is Flash FM. (That's because I love the song by Wang Chung, Dance Hall Days, Jackson's Billie Jean, INXS' Kiss the Dirt... etcetera etcetera......... ;) )

So I wanted a way to keep these radio stations after the removing the game from my computer. After switching to Linux in few more days, I may not be able to install Vice City. So, after doing some googling, I found a nice way to rip thoese stations.

Each radio station is a single file and stored in Vice_City_Installation_Directory\Audio\ directory with *.adf file extension. These files cannot be opened with any known media player software.

Actually these adf files are a kind of special archive files. We need an unpacker to unpack these archives and rip the audio tracks inside. That software is called Dragon Unpacker, a handy open source software tool. Just open each adf file with Dragon Unpacker, and you can see an MP3 file inside each. Just right click it and select the option to extract files without any conversion.

And that's all! Enjoy!!


This guy is really happy with his apartments inside the canoe...

Location: Tangalle, Sri Lanka

VirtualBox Seamless Mode works Perfect

Finally, I've done it and now it's time for some kinda new desktop experience. :)

Stupid Hardware Tweak

Today I was using a Windows GUI application for some purpose, and after certain point it started showing that Abort/Retry/Ignore repetitively. But I wanted to ignore these errors and continute the stuff. Waiting for errors and clicking on the Ignore button wastes a lot of time.

So here's how I automated it using my own simple trick :P ... it worked for me perfectly!

[click to enlarge]


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