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After BSOD -- Windows Se7en

As most of my readers know my day-to-day desktop OS is Ubuntu (Linux). However I still use Windows (on VirtualBox) in certain cases, usually software testing. These days I'm involved in some work that involve 'eavesdropping' on COM port for nothing but පිටිපස්සේ අමාරුව. :P

When I switch from seamless mode to windowed mode, the machine held itself. On the top there was a greenish stripe with some random dots, and mouse pointer animation has stopped. However I could move the mouse over -- of course I should be able to do that since it supports mouse pointer integration.

I waited about 5 mins for the VM to respond; and there was no response and I rebooted. After reboot I got to know that it was a BSOD :P . I never knew before -- so no screenshot.

So that's how BSOD in Windows Se7en on VirtualBox! (It's not really blue :P )


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