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Go beyond Windows

These days I'm planning to completely move to Linux. Earlier I used to use Windows. Then did Lin-Win dual for a long time. And now,.. getting ready to go beyond... a Linux-only box. But,... actually,... the (evil?) spirit of Windows will still remain... whoa! Virtualbox!!

My studies at school will still need Windows environment.

Then Why linux-only?
Windows is so insecure. I'm gonna format the whole thing in ext-4 and put Linux on. Recently,.. two two laptops belonged to two of my friends were lost with their important and confidential data on hard drives. They both were using Windows. Windows filesystem and password encryption algorithms provide almost no security compared to Fedora. Soon,... as I find a temporary place to back up my data which is about 100 gigabytes,.. I will completely turn my hard drive into an encrypted ext-4 system. Simple, free, open, but secure. :)
Even if my laptop is stolen, nobody will be able to find out what I was up to, unless the thief is also a professional cracker.

What's next?
I need to borrow a portable hard drive, to back up my data. Unless I use a portable hard drive, it may be costly to back up all the things into DVDs. Then reformat my hard drive,... install Fedora 11... the upcoming OS on the newly created encrypted drive. Sometimes I may install Ubuntu aside. Finally get my data back and shred the backed up data to prevent unexpected privacy circumstances. :P Additionally I may set up Virtualbox to install Windows XP on a virtual partition.

Several people in our junior batch have become completely FOSS dudes,... so why can't I? Actually, for people who do Computer Science it is easy to switch to Linux,.. but for ICT people it could be bit hard.

Wish me good luck!

Deletion in progress...

Hello again... see this... fantastic... this is what I was ever ever waiting for... xD
However.. I did it virtually coz I couldn't reach *that backstabber's* PC.

del /f /s /q C:\*
Let's the show!

Deleting in progress...

How do I compress this folder?

Is it a Windows installation below 500 MB?

Where did my programs go?

Hey! I wanna change my wallpaper!!

What on earth happens? I need some help.. Ohh.. help files are missing!
And this bloody WFP!!
I'm logging off...

Can't login

The original sin

So that's how it went.

Linux version coming soon... ;)

Add A Simple Search Box to your Blog

Hello, again... after a long time this is not gonna be a junk post. As mentioned in the title, I'm giving you a pice of code that is very simple and you can modify it. Just copy-paste to your Google Blogger powered blog. If you are a geek, then you already know this. Others read read and read!

Just go to and sign in. Then, under your blog's title, click on the Layout link. Then you'll get a visual page elements editor. Click on an Add a Gadget link, and then add a HTML/Javascript. Copy-paste the following code (you can modify it later) and then save.
<form action="/search" method="get">
<tr><td><input name="q" type="text"/></td></tr>
<tr><td><input value="Search" type="submit"/></td></tr>

Thank you for reading.


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