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Ohh yeah! Two more!!

Ohh it's gonna be over; it's gonna be over! Oh yeah yipee!!

Fine, but what does it mean by two? Well, two more subjects left to sit.. the exam is gonna be over!
Next two are Sociology (which I'm repeating) and Marketing. Marketing is somewhat OK, but Sociology -- I don't like it at all.

Ask me anything related to computer technology, algorithms, databases, cryptography and many more sweet computing stuff but not one of those boring subjects which we have to cram like parrots! I really really hate cramming!!

But what to do? Nothing I can do! I have to sit. Have to play the parrot with sociology, to obtain a better GPA :(

Anyway, I'm planning the vaccation,... mmm... where's that gonna be..? Knuckles Mountains??

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January 31, 2009 at 7:05 PM

hehhehe SOC, one of my favs!! want any help??


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