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New Google Toolbar - makes it look alike Chrome

I updated my Google Toolbar few minutes ago. Yeah it's really amazing... Google has made Firefox look alike Chrome with the new version of Google Toolbar. The new version (version 5) has not yet released as stable but available as beta [get it right here].

What does look alike Chrome? Actually it is the New Tab Page. Install the latest beta build of Google Toolbar and open a new tab.

It looks like Google is going to integrate some of Chrome's features into Firefox. But why? This may keep Firefox users attached to Firefox forever, and may not tend to migrate to Chrome. What I feel is Google's ultimate target is not to market Chrome, but to market their profitable main products which are the Google search engine, Gmail and etc. Chrome is also made for achieving that ultimate goal of promoting their profitable products.

This new look ain't gonna be a good news for people who visit bad sites when the parents are out, is it? Anyway, I love this new style. :)

Earlier days, I wrote 'Google Chrome Sucks!'. But now slowly I'm becoming a Chrome lover.. You know.. things change.. :)

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චතුර වික්‍රමරත්න

February 12, 2009 at 8:38 PM

Yeah i love it too. . . Installed it a several days ago :D


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